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Introducing Latisse™ for Beautiful Lashes

Full, natural-looking eyelashes can now be achieved through a prescription treatment called LatisseTM.  Latisse is the first and only eyelash treatment approved by the FDA to help grow longer, fuller and darker eyelashes and treat hypotrichosis, a condition that includes having inadequate or not enough eyelashes. 

Latisse contains bimatoprost, an active ingredient that improves the appearance of your lashes and is often found in glaucoma medication.  While the precise science of the treatment is not known, research suggests that the number of hairs and duration of the growth process are increased by bimatoprost. 

This prescription medication is applied topically to the base of the eyelashes once a day, after makeup and contact lenses have been removed and any other skincare products have already been applied.  While it does not replace mascara, Latisse offers an attractive complement to help further enhance full, long and beautiful lashes.

The results of Latisse are visible after 4 weeks, with full results appearing after 16 weeks.  You can track the progress of your results through photographs.  Side effects of Latisse are rare but may include itching, redness or dryness in the eye area.  You should not use Latisse if you have an active eye infection or broken skin or irritated skin on the eyelid.  Call your doctor today to find out if Latisse is right for you.

Community Outreach

A seminar was given to local optometrists by our team of doctors updating them on topics such as glaucoma, dry eyes, corneal disease, and the newest technology in intraocular lenses.

Personnel from left to right: Carmen Brown (office manager), Ingrid Rodriguez (ophthalmic technician), Rachel Niknam, MD, Jay Patel, MD, Janine Tabas, MD
Rachel Niknam, MD and Jay Patel, MD,

Dr. Niknam giving a lecture to the community about Glaucoma

Dr. Niknam frequently performs educational lectures within the community. The following are some of the educational lectures she has given.

  • Spoke at Temple Podiatry School on World Diabetes Day November 14th on diabetic retinopathy, the importance of tight sugar control and early detection and treatment.
  • Gave lecture on October 3rd to Drexel Ophthalmology Department  on Glaucoma Surgery -  "When to Operate and Which Operation".
  • Spoke at the CARES conference on "More Laser less Surgery" through the Glaucoma Service at Wills to glaucoma patients and the community.
  • September 16th spoke at the PROS  meeting to Ophthalmic Technicians on "Glaucoma Surgery and it's Potential Complications",  Post -Operative Management and What Qestions to Expect from Patients after Glaucoma Surgery.
  • Lectured to family medicine residents at Jefferson on September 4th on the performance of bedside eye exam .

Featured Employee

Deanna Boyce

Deanna Boyce has been working at Kay & Tabas since April of 2004. She started out as a file clerk but with all her hard work and dedication was soon promoted to front desk receptionist.  After 4 years and numerous changes she is now the lead employee at the front desk with two wonderful teammates beside her. 

Deanna seamlessly balances her dedication being a full time employee at Kay & Tabas while also being a devoted single mother of her 5 year old son, Sincere.  Her son attends preschool and comes home excited to share what he has learned.

Deanna has been through many changes at Kay & Tabas to include insurance, location, and staff while maintaining a positive attitude.  She is always happy to assist patients with their concerns and issues.  Many patients know Deanna by name and say that she makes them feel very welcome when they arrive. We are honored to have her as a part of our staff.




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