Spring 2002


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HRT and Glaucoma
We are pleased to be one of the first practices in our area to acquire the Heidelberg Retinal Tomagraph. The “HRT” is a system that combines a laser-scanning camera and specialized software that evaluates the optic nerve.

The “HRT” is used in the early detection of glaucoma, and to follow the progression of glaucoma over time. The test takes just a few moments, is painless and requires no eye drops. Since glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness, this technology represents is a major advancement in the field of eye care. All of our patients, whom have glaucoma, are glaucoma suspects or who are at high risk for glaucoma  will be offered the “HRT”

Dr. Kay and Dr.Tabas have been busy at Wills Laser Vision Correction Center performing LASIK, laser vision correction. The VISX Star Laser has recently received an update in its software. This will allow for the correction of more difficult prescriptions, while also helping to reduce or eliminate post-op glare.
This month Dr. Tabas had her 4-year anniversary of her own LASIK procedure. She continues to enjoy each day eye glasses free.

We are proud to announce our own Derrick Dubois (LASIK Coordinator) and Mitzi Redd (Ophthalmic Technician) have been selected by Wills laser Vision Correction Center to become their new surgical and laser assistants. In addition to working in our two offices, Derrick and Mitzi will now be assisting the doctors during surgery. They each are highly skilled and have many years of experience with the LASIK procedure.

Come watch a live LASIK surgery at our upcoming seminar Please call Derrick at (215) 925-6402 to register. We look forward to seeing you there.

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